Wellness 2021 “The Beauty Chef” Kickoff!

Hello my friends!

I am super excited about our upcoming Wellness Program featuring “The Beauty Chef” cookbook.

This program is designed to teach you the connection between gut health and overall health, wellness and beauty. There are cultures all over the world that have had a strong understanding of this – and their population has a much longer life expectancy and a far better quality of life as they age. In this program we hope to give you the tools necessary to do the same!

I will be sending out daily emails to assist you on your journey – but that is not the only information available! Please know that all information in this program is available through the www.AquaGym.Fitness webpage – but the very best way to participate is through the “Wellness 2021 The Beauty Chef” Facebook Page. Not only will the email information be available at this source – but this is an amazing resource to connect with others participating in this event, speak directly to the hosts, and see the weekly workouts offered. To be a part of the Facebook page you will need to be Facebook “friends” with Stephanie Newberry. Then you will be added to the group.

Many of you are already participating in the Facebook group.

NOW – It is time to get your house and mind prepared for this amazing opportunity. “But I Don’t Have The Book Yet!” You might proclaim. That is correct. Covid has delayed shipping – but that is not going to stop us!

Preparing for a life change is important. Our first few days will be focused on just that! PREPARING. That being said – we are going to run the program an extra week – 7 weeks. The preparation week starts next week and we can progress from there.

Our first live seminar will be “Book Pick Up” Day. If you are available and can attend please do. We are planning on Thursdays at 5:45pm for our live events. Stay tuned for the location for this event. If you cannot attend, we will make other plans to get you the cookbook.


We have teamed up with a couple local restaurants to make your life easier!

It is not necessarily convenient for you to prepare each and every meal you are going to eat for the next 6 – 7 weeks

So we want to help! First off – some of the base and staple items for your meal prep also need to be prepared in advance. Sunshine Grindz has agreed to help with a few of these items! Keep a look out for the list of items available for purchase through them. Each week will will provide a list and they ask that you “pre – order” the items that you’d like to pick up. Again – these items are meant to be used in your personal kitchen to help with some of the recipes.

Island Kitchen in downtown Fernandina Beach will be offering a Lunch Special for the full 6 week program that is a recipe from the book! Pick up a convenient lunch – or carry it out and eat it for lunch or dinner!


Our goal is to give you the tools to change your eating habits – and change your life. We also know that change is hard…so we are hoping to make this as easy and delicious as possible!

Now – it’s not all about food!

Wellness is about mind, body and soul.

This is total Wellness. Expect beautiful opportunities to grow all of these aspects in your life. You can commit entirely to the program, or simply apply some of the suggestions into your lifestyle. No matter what – You WILL benefit from what is offered here.

Now – PLEASE SHARE! A journey is always better with a buddy. Local or not – we will ship the book and they can connect with this program. Single books shipped directly usually arrive within 48 hours! Consider sharing this with a loved one – a friend, family member – anyone you know who might benefit from this information. You can simply share this link: www.AquaGym.Fitness and they will see a pop up for the wellness program.


Now – my FIRST TIP to get ready…

Begin working through your refrigerator. Take a full inventory of what is good and throw away anything that needs to go. We will be encouraging organic produce and grass fed/farm raised proteins. Think about the things you already enjoy to eat – replace those items with the organic version. You will understand why as we continue the program.

CONGRATULATIONS! The information you will learn in this program can change a life! I hope it’s yours! – but maybe it’s someone else you love as well.

You deserve this – and so do the people you love. I cannot wait to get started on Monday!

Be sure to

– Join the Facebook group ( Wellness 2021 “The Beauty Chef”)

– Look for emails (don’t let them go to spam)

– Learn how to log into the members area (non Facebook-ers)

– Inventory your kitchen (start buying organic things you already like – OH – and European Butter!)

Feel free to reach out to me anytime. I hope to see you at our workshops, seminars and chatting away in our Facebook group!

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