2021 Wellness Program “The Beauty Chef”

This is Just the Beginning!

Taking Control of your Wellness is a Lifelong Adventure!

I hope you have enjoyed our 2021 Wellness Program. We wanted to help you gain the skills necessary to own your personal wellness by giving you knowledge and maybe a few new skills that improve total body health. Let’s recap some of the great information that was shared during this program:

The “Beauty Chef” cookbook was the inspiration for this years wellness program. And it is a wealth of knowledge! I know I will continue to enjoy recipes from this cookbook for many years to come. More than just a cookbook, it covers such important topics such as Inflammation, The Science of Eating, Fat and Your Skin, and a new understanding of your Gut Instinct. I hope you will continue to use this beautiful book for a lifetime and share what you have learned from it with others.

As we moved into our second week we discussed a “Holistic Approach” to wellness, with such topics as: Grain Pain, Dairy and Sugar. We also learned techniques on Fermenting Vegetables. Our seminar with Sunshine Grindz proved that this process is not at all difficult and the health benefits are so important!

Once we had the tools necessary to overhaul our wellness we continued to add more and more important information to create a well rounded program. Learning how to set Track-able Goals, Herbal Medicines, Fermented Beverages, and the benefits of Grass Fed Butter. As the weeks progressed we were able to assist our members with their fermentation projects by learning about Yeast vs. Mold. We also touched on some very important aspects of total wellness such as Finding Your Joy, Meditative Breathing, Tools for Eating Out, and important information about Protein.

With week 5 we began to look at some of our inner difficulties, such as Emotional Eating, Understanding Metabolism, Finding Balance and the importance of Meditation. As the weeks progressed we discussed Alcohol and its Effect on Gut Health, Understanding Hunger, Finding Your Fitness, Thoughtful Words, Alkalinity and finally…Positive Visualization!

It has been our pleasure at AquaGym Fitness to present the 2021 Wellness Program “The Beauty Chef”. We have enjoyed getting to know those of you who have been participating. This is just the beginning! Visualize your continued health, build the new habits that improve your gut health and ENJOY your new healthy body- It is the only one you will get!


Enjoy this Life, this Body and this Earth.

Visualize your goals and your future.

Work toward them each day.

Remember YOU can take charge of your health and wellness through these ancient natural techniques.

Now go FIND YOUR JOY in everything that you do!

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