Week 2: Day 3

2021 Wellness Program “The Beauty Chef”!


While our bodies require some sugar to survive, too much of it and too much of the wrong kind of sugar is not good for your gut health, cellular health or skin health – in fact, pathogenic bacteria in your gut geed on refined sugar! Additionally, too much sugar can lead to acne, weight gain, insulin resistance and can reduce the efficiency of your immune system and even worse, advanced glycation end (AGE ) are formed when sugar reacts with amino acids (both inside your body and within food), which can contribute to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and premature aging of the skin. Limiting your sugar intake is therefore a great idea. However, I do use sweeteners in their natural form in my deserts and baking some breakfast recipes. Raw honey and maple syrup are both rich in minerals and antioxidants, but I use them in moderation. Studies show that raw honey may act as a prebiotic.

“The Beauty Chef” pg.15


My childhood eczema and allergies were fueled by certain foods that my body had difficulty digesting, one of which is the protein (casein) found in dairy foods. Milk in its pasteurized and homogenized form, for many people, inflammatory, but what the interesting thing is that I can tolerate fermented dairy – kefir, yogurt, sour cream and some cultured cheeses – as fermentation reduces casein and can remove lactose completely. Studies also show that unfermented dairy is associated with acne, but fermented dairy is not.

“The Beauty Chef” pg. 12


  1. Gather Fermentation Equipment
    There are several affordable fermentation jars and kits out there. These sets help to make things a little easier – but to be honest you can ferment with nothing more than a mason jar.
  2. Attend Workshop
    This Thursday at 5:45pm we will meet at Sunshine Grindz. Chef Jonathan will demonstrate the fermentation process and will be making two new items from the cookbook!~Space if limited-Mark Your Calendar!

Suggested Basics to Prepare or Purchase:

  • Vegetable Broth (pg302)
  • Bone Broth (pg 301)
  • Sauerkraut w/ apple, fennel and kale (pg 314)
  • Kimchi w/ daikon, cabbage, and carrot (pg 315
  • Salsa Verde (pg 325)
  • Spiced Preserved Lemons (pg 319)

These are suggested items, please feel free to choose different staples from the book.


~~Also~~ Share what you are preparing!

I am not the only person able to post in the Facebook group.

PLEASE Share!!!


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