AMRAP stands for “As Many Rounds as Possible”. This is a style of workout that many have seen or used in a land class or workout. AquaGym AMRAP classes are set up… Read More

AquaGym AquaPole

This unique class uses the Indigo Aquatics Aqua Pole. This Italian equipment gives the students some leverage as they work maneuvers in the water. If you have ever wanted to try a… Read More

AquaGym BootCamp

A high powered, fast moving, calisthenic style work out designed to give everyone from athletes to grandmas an incredible workout in the pool. This class moves through several different drills focusing on… Read More

AquaGym Circuit

A fun and effective class set up in stations. Students enjoy using many different types of equipment as they move from station to station in the circuit. The instructor designs the circuit… Read More

AquaGym FitKick

Kickboxing in the pool? YES! We incorporate easy to learn martial arts movements, and practice them in the water in our same AquaGym interval style. We use special bags and gloves in… Read More

AquaGym HIIT

A high energy, interval-style aqua fitness class focused on building strength, balance and cardio-respiratory health.Unlike traditional aqua aerobics, AquaGym Fitness™ classes tap into the science of HIIT training or interval training, scientifically… Read More

AquaGym Pilates

Pilates has been proven to increase flexibility, movement, balance, strength and moreso we have incorporated the practice in the water. The aquatic environment supports the body, allowing for a range of motion… Read More

AquaGym StretchFlex

If you are recovering from an injury, suffer from arthritis or just are stiff and tight, this class will work wonders! Incorporating elements of yoga, ballet, belly dancing, physical therapy and strength… Read More