Week 1: Day 4

Welcome to the day 4 of our 2021 Wellness Program “The Beauty Chef”!

Book Pick Up!

Hello Everyone! I hope you have been enjoying the information that we have shared so far. Good News! The cookbooks are in! Please stop by Holistic Wellness (1610 S. 8th St.) between noon and 5:30pm on Thursday and pick up your copy. They should be available at the front desk. I will also be including some meal prep sheets and grocery list documents to help you as you design your upcoming week of menu items. If you are unable to pick up tomorrow – just know the books will be there when you can get there. If you need to make other arrangements to pick up, please get with me directly.


Look over the cookbook!

There are over 150 recipes to choose from! Take time to look at the “staples” section – as these are items you might like to have on hand prior to making any of the full dishes available.

You may even begin to take note of items that you might be interested in adding to your meals for next week. You will be designing your own menus each weekend and prepping items so that you will be prepared for the upcoming week.

~~~Staples! Pre- Order!~~

Sunshine Grindz

As we prepare our home for the next six weeks, you are welcome to make these staples – OR – purchase them through Sunshine Grindz!

Chicken Bone Broth (4 cups) $14

Vegetable Broth (4 cups) $10

Sauerkraut $10

Salsa $9


Chef Jonathan has asked that we pre-order these items and he will have them ready to pick up early next week. He would prefer if I send him all of the pre-orders as one unit.

If you plan on making any of the soups in the recipe book, you may want to order 2 jars of the broths. I highly recommend you either make or purchase that sauerkraut and salsa, as they make a great condiment and really improve your gut health!

Please email me directly with your order: stephanie@newberry.com

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