2022 Wellness Program


Starting January 13, 2022

Health and wellness are a lifelong practice- and knowing what works best for your body is the key! The truth about the human body is that no two of us are exactly the alike. That belong said- it is important understand how your body functions the best.




The truth about the human body is that no two of us are exactly alike. That being said- it is important to understand how your body functions the best. This 8-week program is designed to tap into each individual’s health and wellness as well as give you the tools necessary to keep a healthy weight. Through education and practices, you will customize a lifestyle that is perfect for you. It will be an in-depth study of many traditional American diets – the science behind them, and how you can apply the functional aspects of these into your life. Each week we will explore a different nutrition plan, with the expectation to walk away with a firm understanding of what works for you and your amazing human machine. Expect by the end of these weeks you will know how to fuel yourself properly as well as discover fitness in a form you love and enjoy.
This program will include recipes, cooking clinics, community through our social media groups, a personalized assessment one on one, and not to mention an incredible education that will give you insight for the rest of your life.
Wellness is much greater than diet and exercise. We will be working on total body health throughout these weeks including our mental, physical, hormonal, emotional, spiritual, and more. Be prepared to walk away with an ENTIRE NEW UNDERSTANDING OF YOU, your health, and your importance in this world.
You do not want to miss this amazing opportunity to change your life. While everyone has their own individual journey, we can work together toward lifelong positive change.