Wellness Challenge


Take back your health in 2021!

Welcome to our 2021 6-Week Wellness Program



“What we eat can have a medicinal effect on our bodies. Not only because food literally FEEDS OUR CELLS, but also because, when it comes to microbes, the species and numbers found in our gut are influenced by what we eat. In addition, our immune system is also influenced by the microbes contained in our food. So, the food we eat provides the ecosystem to maintain our health and skin and OVERALL WELLBEING!” — The Beauty Chef by Carla Oates

I don’t know about you, but I feel like 2020 hit me like a truck. Everyone can relate to the stresses of the year in their own way. 2021 is a whole new opportunity to not only get back on track – but make a fresh new start. Our 6-Week Wellness Program has been designed to help you do just that!

This online and interactive program will include The Beauty Chef cookbook – an incredible resource for amazing recipes and important information regarding total body wellness. We will be hosting a weekly seminar on an important topic each week to help you on your journey to health. These seminars will be held live in the area – but will also be broadcast live for those participating remotely.

As with our programs in the past, we will have a private Facebook group for camaraderie with the participants as well as to learn from one another along the way. Here we will be posting weekly land workouts that you can do at home to assist in your new found quest for total wellness.

Expect daily e-mails with the suggested protocol for each week and helpful hints along the way. If you are able, try to attend the seminars – as they are always informative and on topic with each week. All of this – and a whole new you in 2021…for only $100! Yes – that is what I said – $100! Our wellness programs in the past have gone for as high as $400 – but this year we wanted to make our program accessible to anyone who would like to participate. This program is designed to be done anywhere! You will have all the tools and assistance you need to build a new healthy lifestyle – AND a group of friends who are all on the same quest as you.

We plan to begin Monday January 18th – so sign up early!

We want to make sure you have your cookbook and kitchen ready for a fresh start on that date. Thank you all for the privilege of bringing this amazing program to you. I feel it is exactly the right time in my life for this and I hope you do too!